An open line of communication with our students and families keeps everyone at our school growing. Here are some comments we’ve recently received:

“Things started getting better as soon as I came here. When the teachers say they don’t allow bullying, they really mean it. I started being nicer to people because they were nice to me.”
– Charles, current student

Click here to read about Charles’s path that led him to thrive at Brook Road Academy.

“There is no way I can thank Brook Road enough. The attitude and philosophy they advocate completely reinvigorated my passion for education. Brook Road Academy has been the single most impactful experience in my young adult life.”
– Brittany, Class of 2008

“Brook Road Academy gave me the sanctuary I needed to develop in my own way. I was able to meet similar-minded people and form some of my strongest friendships. I still keep in touch with a lot of them.”
– Conrad, Class of 2011

“The best part about Brook Road Academy is the teachers. They helped me out a lot.”
– Zarina, Class of 2016

“Prior to attending Brook Road Academy my child suffered debilitating school phobia. The level of anxiety experienced made every day a challenge. From the very first day at Brook Road, there has been a complete transformation based on the individualized attention of the faculty and the comfortable environment they have created in which to learn.”
– Parent

Words cannot describe the impact Brook Road Academy has had on our teenager. This school has changed our son’s life! For the first time he views his teachers as role models and friends. You will not find a group of educators more dedicated to their students well being and the community as a whole.”
– Parent

“Brook Road Academy has certainly been a learning environment like no other for our son with Asperger’s Syndrome. The faculty has played a key role in our son’s development, always looking for creative ways to work through sensory, academic and social challenges. The small community based environment has further fostered self esteem and confidence in a safe accepting environment, a gift our son and one that every child truly deserves.”
– Parent

“I attribute my son’s health and normality right now to his direct success at Brook Road! We are so HAPPY he is there! Thank you for helping him overcome quite a bit of his social issues in a relatively short period of time!
– Parent

“I am writing to share my gratitude for all you have done and will continue doing to help my daughter succeed in life. Education is the most important endeavor of a child’s life. Then you add to it the kinds of challenges your students face and each of you is like a magician…one with faith and perseverance.”
– Parent

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