How to afford private school

There are no two ways about it, private schools aren’t cheap. Sending your children to private school is an investment, an investment in their future, but don’t get scared off by the inital sticker shock. A private school education may actually be easier to fit into the family budget than you think. Here are a […]

What Is A Private School?

Your child’s education should be one of your top priorities when it comes to taking care of them. A good education will help put them on the best course for success as an adult. Because of this, it’s smart to consider enrolling your child in a private school. Considering how many different types of schools […]

Private School Standards Of Learning

Private schools are different than public schools in many ways. Most of the differences, such as smaller class sizes, more one-on-one attention, more experienced teachers and a wider course selection, are advantages for private school students. However, there’s another thing you should understand when it comes to enrolling your child in a private school; private […]

Are Private School Expenses Tax Deductible?

Private school tuition can be a bit costly, which means that many parents seek out different ways to help them save a bit of money on their children’s primary and secondary school education. Unfortunately, writing tuition fees off on your taxes is not one of them since the federal government does not allow you to […]

Why Private School Graduates Are More “Successful”

There are many reasons why parents choose to enroll their kids in a private school instead of letting them attend a public school. However, the main reason behind their line of thinking is simple: private school graduates tend to be more successful. The statistics prove this. Students at private schools tend to have higher grades […]

Types Of Private Schools In Richmond, VA

Enrolling your child in a private school in Richmond, VA will allow them to experience a lot of different educational benefits. Private schools are great because they are not bound to a state-determined curriculum and can often provide more one-on-one attention to their students. But once you begin looking at private schools in your area, […]

Questions to ask when researching a private school

Researching private schools and selecting the one that’s right for your child can seem like a daunting task. There are so many questions to ask and each school has something different to offer to your family. It’s no wonder why so many parents feel overwhelmed at the information overload that comes along with private school […]

Questions To Ask About Private Schools

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child into a private school, then you’ll want to make sure that you do the appropriate amount of research. You should schedule tours with a handful of private schools in order to find out more information about each school and how they can benefit your child. You’ll want to […]

Why Our Grads Get Accepted To College

When it comes to searching for private schools, one of the primary concerns that parents have is whether their children will not only receive a good education, but also be put in a position to succeed. In other words, will your child have a good chance of graduating? And upon graduating, will they have a […]

How Private School Curriculum Is Different From Public School

There has been a long-standing argument between private school and public school supporters over which is more beneficial to not only the education of a child, but to their development as well. Many of the public school supporters refuse to acknowledge the benefits of a private school education because they simply don’t know how a […]