An open line of communication with our students and families keeps everyone at our school growing. Here are some comments we’ve recently received:

From a Parent

A sensitive child, my daughter struggled socially and academically in the public school system. Although she had some challenges, none were severe enough to qualify her for an IEP. My heart broke as year after year I saw her retreat further into herself, watching her confidence wither and her grades decline. She’d still get a few A’s and B’s each marking period, but the rest of her grades would include at least 3 D’s and F’s – and they’d rotate among different subjects. She could “get it done” in a few classes at a time, but making it through all classes just wasn’t possible.

She was pegged as a “frequent flyer” in the clinic. Her social circle was small and constantly shifting. The faculty and staff claimed she was “accessing the curriculum” and she just needed to become a better advocate for herself (something she’d been doing for years). In fact, she’s the one who found Brook Road Academy. During our first site visit I was amazed at the visible transformation. I watched her bloom in front of my eyes. She transferred in the middle of her Freshman Year and the positive growth continued. She ended her Sophomore year with a 4.0 GPA. The curriculum was no easier – it was just taught in an environment and a method that fit her. The smaller classes and quieter environment worked wonders for her sensory issues. The teachers appreciate different learning styles and embrace knowledge and true learning. Students are met where they are and encouraged to reach as high as they can.

Brook Road Academy has been a true God-send for my daughter. I look forward to seeing all that she will accomplish in her life now that I know she is getting the solid foundation she deserves.”

– Jennifer, Parent

“The environment at Brook Road Academy is exactly what our son needed to push past his anxieties and grow into a student leader. The supportive faculty and staff help him to use his personal interests and strengths to create his own path to success, while they also encourage him to take on challenges he might otherwise avoid. Without a doubt, enrolling our son at Brook Road Academy was the right decision.”

– Baron, Parent

“Brook Road Academy is a wonderful place, especially to those on the autism spectrum, to foster positive self-esteem.  Its Career and Transition Services are top notch, and fully prepare kids for the “real” world. These things can only be done with a fantastic staff.  They’re awesome!!!”

– Judy, Parent

From our Students

“The best part about Brook Road Academy is the teachers. They helped me out a lot.”
– Zarina, Class of 2016
“Brook Road Academy gave me the sanctuary I needed to develop in my own way. I was able to meet similar-minded people and form some of my strongest friendships. I still keep in touch with a lot of them.”
– Conrad, Class of 2011
“There is no way I can thank Brook Road enough. The attitude and philosophy they advocate completely reinvigorated my passion for education. Brook Road Academy has been the single most impactful experience in my young adult life.”
– Brittany, Class of 2008

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