Welcome to the website of Brook Road Academy!

We are a small, college-prep middle and high school designed to provide a nurturing, non-traditional learning environment that values each student as an individual, helping each to realize his/her fullest potential. Brook Road Academy is a place for students who have not done well in larger, less personal settings. Here, each student receives the individualized attention he/she needs to excel in high school and to go on to higher education. We cap enrollment at 50 students to create a small and intimate learning environment. Everyone knows your name.

Brook Road Academy offers a challenging and creative educational curriculum that recognizes and embraces each student’s unique gifts, talents, and learning styles. Our curriculum stimulates intellectual curiosity by helping students develop complex critical thinking skills. Teachers are energetic, inspiring, and have a passion for learning. Learning at Brook Road Academy is a two-way exchange: knowledge is not just passed from the teacher to student, but from student to teacher as well.

Focus is not solely on academic achievement. Instead, we strive to foster the growth of the whole child by addressing each student’s social, psychological and academic needs. We seek to instill the foundational qualities of leadership in all students. Integrity, fairness, self-respect, self-esteem and the importance of community are characteristics we strive to cultivate.

Collaboration between parents, staff and students is a fundamental component of Brook Road Academy. By bringing these three groups together as a team, we will work together to help each student grow and prepare for life after school.

We hope that our website is just the beginning of your experience with Brook Road Academy. We invite you to see for yourself how our non-traditional program changes students’ lives.  Contact us today for a personal tour. We think you may well find us to be the perfect school for your child.

Thank you for visiting!