What Is School Phobia? – Symptoms & Treatments [Guide]

Parents of preschoolers might expect their children to feel scared about going to school, but parents of teenagers would probably be surprised to see their teens battle similar fears. Yet, many teens have chronic anxiety about going to school, which can create a difficult and confusing struggle for both the teen and their parents. But […]

Understanding & Overcoming School Refusal

So, your child does not want to go to school. To a parent, this may seem like he or she is bored, or simply being lazy. However, for many children, it is a condition known as school refusal. If your child is exhibiting these signs, it is important to understand their emotional distress before insisting […]

Are Private School Expenses Tax Deductible?

To pay a private school tuition, most parents don’t have the luxury of setting up automatic payments and forgetting about it. For most, affording the cost involves several years of diligent planning and saving. Some have set aside savings from the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to put toward private school tuition, and many […]

Is Private School Worth the Cost?

When parents contemplate private school education for their children, it’s often the result of one or two primary factors: Their child has a unique quality or talent that needs to be nurtured in the right environment, or Their child’s current school environment is negatively impacting his or her learning experience. By the time children have […]

School Refusal Tips for Parents

If your child is experiencing anxiety going to school, believe it or not, it’s more common than you think. In most cases, symptoms of school refusal include a child that complains of physical symptoms right before it is time to go to school or a child that is constantly visiting the school nurse. If you […]

School Refusal Fact Sheet

According to the ADAA, as many as five in 100 school-age children refuse to attend school. What happens when that child is yours? School refusal can happen for a variety of reasons and presents challenges for both you and your child. Since school participation is important for your child, it’s necessary to understand the facts […]

Resources Available For Students And Parents Of Brook Road Academy

A student’s education and development shouldn’t be restricted to an 8am-3pm timeline, which is why we offer so many different resources and services to supplement our curriculum. The following are just a few of the resources we provide for our students and to the parents of our students alike; resources that can be used to […]

Are Private School Expenses Tax Deductible?

Private school tuition can be a bit costly, which means that many parents seek out different ways to help them save a bit of money on their children’s primary and secondary school education. Unfortunately, writing tuition fees off on your taxes is not one of them since the federal government does not allow you to […]

Summer Activities to Supplement School Curriculums

Although students deserve a much-needed break during their summer vacation, there’s no reason they can’t enjoy their summer and participate in activities that can benefit their school curriculum at the same time. This is especially true for students who may have struggled in certain subjects, have general issues with the learning environment of a school […]

Instilling Motivation And Drive In Students To Continue Their Education

Putting your children in the best position to succeed through good education is important. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will take advantage of that position. Even the best education in the world won’t make much of a difference if your child simply isn’t motivated to learn. Motivation is something that a lot of […]