Brittany found out how much she matters at Brook Road Academy

Brittany and Elisabeth Rigsby, Head of Academy

Brittany and Elisabeth Rigsby, Head of Academy

Brittany’s friends and family will tell you that one of her most unique qualities is her genuine love of learning.  However, for Brittany that love was not fully realized in public school.

Severe depression and anxiety caused Brittany to miss the last quarter of her eighth grade year.  By that point she could no longer cope with regimented schedules and curriculums that define the public school experience.  The emotional strains began to negatively impact life at home.

Seeking a more personal approach to education, Brittany and her family discovered Brook Road Academy at St. Joseph’s Villa, a co-ed private college preparatory middle and high school.

“Brook Road Academy was such a gift to me,” said Brittany. “It wasn’t all about getting good test scores or fitting into some kind of mold.  It was about helping me grow as a person.”

Enrollment at Brook Road Academy is capped at 50 students to create an intimate learning environment.  Small class sizes allow students to learn from their teachers and each other through conversation.  Brittany came to appreciate the close relationships she developed as a result.

“When I had a few bad weeks my senior year, my advisor called to check on me.  I don’t think I would have gotten that at my last school.  I could always tell the teachers cared about me and wanted to see me do well.”

Brittany’s renewed interest in school inspired her to participate in Brook Road Academy’s extracurricular activities, including the Yearbook Club and the Student Honor Counsel.  She rarely missed a day.

Brittany graduated from Brook Road Academy in 2009 and went on to graduate from James Madison University with cum laude honors.  She is currently pursuing a career in outdoor recreation.

“Brook Road Academy helped build me back up.  It made me feel like I mattered.”