Education Opportunities Outside the Classroom

summer holidays, education, campus and teenage concept - group oSchool is a vital part of your child’s overall education, but it is not the only place your child can learn. The most successful students have a thirst for knowledge and providing interactive teaching opportunities outside of the classroom nurtures their appreciation for learning.

Expose your children to as many meaningful experiences as possible to help your child thrive in school and build on their passion for education. Thankfully, there are no shortage of educational opportunities in and around Richmond. Read the list below for ideas on places to learn outside of school:


Science Museum of Virginia – Inspiring curiosity through a variety of interactive STEM activities and exhibits.

Chimborazo Medical Museum – See medical equipment used during the Civil War and learn about the operations of hospital life during that period.


St. John’s Church Foundation – The original location of Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. Learn about this and other revolutionary acts by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry that occurred right here in Richmond and led to the founding of America.

American Civil War Museum – Gain multiple perspectives on the Civil War, as this museum explore the Union and Confederate point of view, as well as African Americans, soldiers and civilians.

Meadow Farm Museum at Crump Park – The Meadow Farm Museum explores a day in the life of Dr. John Mosby Sheppard, who owned the farm in 1860.

The Wilton House Museum – The Wilton House has a fascinating history, starting as a tobacco plantation in 1753, hosting American legends such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and serving as a camp to 900 troops during the Revolutionary War.

Magnolia Grange, Chesterfield County Museum and 1892 Historic Jail – Walk through the colonial courthouse of 1749, learn about a variety of exhibits related to Chesterfield history and see the 1892 historic jail.

Computer Science

CodeVA – Classes to teach video game coding for elementary, middle and high school students

TechEm Studios – Computer science classes that teach coding, software design, reverse engineering, and bug resolution on a variety of programming languages.


Metro Richmond Zoo – Learn about and see animals from all over the world in the Metro Richmond Zoo’s wide-ranging collection of animals, including everything from parakeets to rhinos to giraffes.

Music & Arts

VFMA – Browse Richmond’s most extensive art collection spanning a variety or exhibits.

Spirited Art – After School Art Lessons that feature a variety of mediums.

School of Rock – The Schools of Rock not only teaches kids to play instruments, but also focuses on performing and creating music as a team to foster a lifelong passion for music.

Do you have a favorite educational site in Richmond that’s not on our list? Tell us about it below.