Resources Available For Students And Parents Of Brook Road Academy

A student’s education and development shouldn’t be restricted to an 8am-3pm timeline, which is why we offer so many different resources and services to supplement our curriculum.

The following are just a few of the resources we provide for our students and to the parents of our students alike; resources that can be used to help improve student education, development and their ability to succeed in the future, whether it’s in high school, college or future careers.

After School Activities

We have many after school activities which give our students the chance to explore and pursue other subjects outside of our curriculum that they may enjoy or be interested in. These activities also give them a chance to socialize with their fellow classmates more and to collaborate together outside of the classroom.

We often form new school clubs if there’s enough interest in the subject from our student population. Many of our clubs are run by staff as well as students and the ability to participate will help to develop a variety of skills that students benefit from in future endeavors.

In fact, participating in after-school activities can make their school transcripts much more well-rounded, often making them more attractive to colleges.

Some of the after school clubs that are currently formed at Brook Road Academy include clubs focusing on

  • Film
  • Photography
  • Table tennis
  • Archery
  • Political discourse
  • Games
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Basketball

Career and Transition Services

At Brook Road Academy, we don’t just focus on the education of our students. While this is certainly a priority, it’s not our only priority like it often is at public schools.

Public schools are often forced to focus all of their efforts on ensuring that their students meet the Standards of Learning, which means that everything depends on mandatory testing.

Since we aren’t restricted by these Standards of Learning, we can focus some of our efforts on the overall development of our students and their ability to succeed in the future. It’s why we developed our Career and Transition Services, which gives students the resources, information, and guidance that they need to explore their options in both college or the workforce.

This is an optional program, but one that was created with the understanding that we can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to the future of our students. We provide one-on-one attention to help every student taking part in the program to assess their needs, their desires, and their interests in order to create a plan.

Students who participate will improve their problem-solving skills, their communication skills, and their networking skills.

We partner with local businesses and colleges to provide participants with experience in real-world educational and workforce environments and often provide tours in such environments as well as invite guest speakers who can provide valuable insight.

Our partners in the Career and Transition Services program currently include:

  • The University of Richmond
  • The Virginia Commonwealth University
  • The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Richmond Animal Care and Control
  • In Your Ear Music and Video Production
  • SunTrust

The Brook Road Beat Newsletter

We make it easy for parents and students to keep up with all of the upcoming school events and activities through our Brook Road Beat Newsletter, which we publish twice a month.

The newsletter also provides students’ reflections on material covered in certain classes, special student and teacher accomplishments, and much more.

The newsletter is produced by both faculty and students. Students who work on the newsletter have a wonderful opportunity to build their creating writing and journalism skills.

See examples of past Brook Road Beat newsletters here.

Parent Committees

Parents should have the opportunity to participate in their child’s educational pursuits, too, which is why we provide the chance to join a variety of committees as a way to stay connected with their kids and other parents as well as to be involved with the school as a whole.

We have more than a half a dozen committees that parents can join in order to help out as well as to participate in school activities. These committees include the following:

  • After School Activities – Parents can help run or assist with many of our after-school activities in a variety of different ways, whether it’s as a supervisor, as a sponsor or as a provider of transportation, to name a few options. After school activities include everything from Political Discourse and Photography clubs to Basketball and Archery.
  • Back to School Night – Parents can assist with the Back to School Night potluck dinner.
  • Graduation Reception – Parents of 10th and 11th-grade students can assist with the Graduation Reception by providing refreshments, taking charge of decorating and more.
  • Holiday Dinner – Parents can help organize and run potluck dinners on a variety of different holidays throughout the year.
  • School Beautification – Parents can help the school by helping with upkeep in and around the school grounds.
  • Trick-or-Trot 5K – Parents can help raise funds for the Trick-or-Trot 5K during the fall.
  • Welcoming Committee – Parents of current students can volunteer to answer questions for prospective families and even mentor new families.

These are some of the resources that we offer to our students and their parents here at Brook Road Academy as a way to supplement our curriculum and our focus on not just educating our students, but helping them to develop the skills necessary to succeed in their future endeavors.

For more information about our resources or about our private school in general, be sure to contact us at Brook Road Academy today.