Types Of Private Schools In Richmond, VA

Enrolling your child in a private school in Richmond, VA will allow them to experience a lot of different educational benefits. Private schools are great because they are not bound to a state-determined curriculum and can often provide more one-on-one attention to their students.

But once you begin looking at private schools in your area, you might become overwhelmed. Not only are there many different private schools to choose from, there are also different types of private schools as well.

The following list is a brief guide covering the different types of private schools located in Richmond, VA to help give you a better idea of what to look for:

Co-ed Day Schools

Co-ed day schools are schools that accept both boys and girls and that function like public schools in that students do not live on campus.

Many of these schools have curricula that focus on certain subjects, such as math and science or the arts. Some have religious foundations that guide curricula, others are not grounded in religion and others have religious foundations but don’t have curricula guided by it.

Brook Road Academy is unique in that it is a coed day school that was founded as a Christian school but that doesn’t incorporate religion into the curriculum. Instead, they focus on providing a well-balanced education that prepares students for college.

They also use a more conversational approach to learning to ensure that students participate and that they receive the individual and personal attention they need to learn successfully.

Learn more about Brook Road Academy’s philosophy and approach – click here.

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are basically private schools where the students also live on campus. Boarding schools often have students from outside-of-state and even from outside the country.

One of the benefits of sending a child to a boarding school is that there will be more opportunities for them to participate in extracurricular activities after school. They’ll also learn how to be independent since they will be living away from home.

There are a few boarding schools located within a short distance of Richmond. Both the Woodberry Forest School and the Blue Ridge School are slightly more than an hour and a half away.

Military Schools

There’s a bit of a misconception about military schools. A lot of people think that only problem students in need of better discipline are sent to military school.

However, military schools actually have rigorous academics and are very selective. Students who want to pursue a career in the military often apply.

There aren’t many private military schools in the U.S. (fewer than 50), but there are a few located outside of Richmond. The Fishburne Military School, the oldest private military school in the state, is located roughly an hour and a half northwest of Richmond. The Fork Union Military Academy is about an hour outside the city.

Girls & Boys Schools

Single sex schools are private schools that only accept either girls or boys. Most military schools are male-only, although there are a few co-ed options throughout the country.

There are also plenty of girls-only private schools as well. Such schools often focus on traditions of sisterhood and empowerment in addition to providing a well-balanced education.

Some of the girls-only private schools in Richmond include the Orchard House School (grades 5 through 8) and St. Catherine’s School (PK through 12). All-boys private schools include Seven Hills School (grades 5 through 8) and the Benedictine College Preparatory (grades 9 through 12).

Religious Schools

If it’s important that your child receives a well-rounded education that also incorporates your religious belief system, then you should look at some of the religious private schools that are located throughout Richmond.

Christian private schools are the most common (such as Catholic or Episcopalian), but there are private schools for other religions in and around Richmond as well, including Islamic and Hebrew schools.

Some of the Christian private schools in Richmond include All Saints Catholic School (Pre-K through 8) and the Good Shepherd Episcopal School (Pre-K through 8). Hebrew private schools include Shaarei Torah of Richmond (grades 9 through 12) and the Rudlin Torah Academy (K through 8). The Al Madina School of Richmond (PK through 12) is the only Islam private school in or near Richmond, although there are several Islam private schools closer to Washington D.C.

Remember that Brook Road Academy has a religious foundation but provides an approach that is not decided based on religious principles.

Special Needs Schools

If your child has special needs, such as dyslexia, ADHD or other learning disabilities, you may want to consider a special needs school.

Special needs schools can be extremely beneficial to ensure that students with special needs will not feel out of place or feel like they are falling behind. Teachers at such schools also have specialized training and know how to effectively teach students with such disabilities.

There are a handful of private special needs schools located throughout Richmond. Some of the private special needs schools worth looking into include Sarah Dooley Center for Autism, the New Community School (grades 5 through 12), the Amelia Street Special Education school (Pre-K through 12) and the Hallmark Youthcare Richmond school (grades 6 through 12).

These are some of the different types of private schools that you can send your child to in and around Richmond, VA.

If you’re interested in a school that offers co-ed education with a religious foundation but not a religion-centric curriculum, then take a close look at Brook Road Academy.

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