What does it mean to be “successful”?

It’s our firm belief at Brook Road Academy that education is more than teaching the academics. It’s about promoting and supporting the growth of the whole person–emotionally, physically and socially. For more than a decade we’ve created a unique space where students can be themselves and forge their own pathways in education. Today research shows that increasing student engagement and reducing undue pressure in the classroom–like we do here–is helping students become healthier, more motivated adults.

ChallengeSuccess, a research-based organization affiliated with the Stanford Graduate School of Education, is an excellent resource where families can learn more about the benefits of a non-traditional schooling. Check out some of their findings and you’ll see how the conventions of education are beginning to change across the nation.

After all, as stated on the ChallengeSuccess website, success “is measured not at the end of the semester, but over the course of a lifetime.”