Why Our Grads Get Accepted To College

2015 Brook Road Academy gradsWhen it comes to searching for private schools, one of the primary concerns that parents have is whether their children will not only receive a good education, but also be put in a position to succeed.

In other words, will your child have a good chance of graduating? And upon graduating, will they have a good chance at being accepted by a college of their choice or of pursuing their desired destination, whatever that may be?

The Success of Students at Brook Road Academy

The graduation rate of a private school is important. We are quite proud of our graduate rate at Brook Road Academy. In fact, every single student in last year’s class ended up graduating. A 100 percent graduation rate is something that we strive for every year and is not something that most schools can boast.

We also understand that a high graduation rate isn’t always reflective of the education the students are receiving, especially in private schools. Remember, not all private schools have the same curriculum or the same approach to education. This means that they could choose to graduate all of their students even if some of those students aren’t ready to graduate yet on an academic level.

One way to find out whether students are being properly educated and prepared for life after private school is to ask what colleges their students have been accepted into. This is a good reflection on the school’s approach to education and whether their graduation rate carries weight.

For example, at Brook Road Academy, we are proud of our students, many of whom have been accepted into schools such as Purdue University, Cabrini College, PACE University, The College of William & Mary, Randolph-Macon College, Washington College, Hollins University, University of Mary Washington, Ferrum College and Reynolds Community College among others.

You’ll notice that while some of these schools may be considered prestigious, there is a wide variety of schools on that list. We realize that each student has a unique path that is best for him or her and that may include a private, four-year college or it may include a two-year trade school.

Our Approach to Education

Yes, graduation rate is important. But, in the end, it’s the approach to education that you should be most concerned with.

Many private schools only take in exemplary students. This results in a high graduation rate and in an impressive resume of colleges that have accepted those students. This can make it difficult to actually identify a private school that will benefit your child and that isn’t just interested in surface numbers and accolades. Our approach to education is a little bit different.

First of all, we cap our enrollment at 50 students in order to create an environment that is more conducive to learning. This gives the teachers at our school the ability to provide attention to every single student by teaching in a more conversational approach. We believe in the conversational approach to learning because it helps students learn and develop interpersonal and decision-making skills, which will better prepare them for life after graduation. Our smaller classes allow every one of our students the ability to participate in discussions and to interact with one another and with teachers.

Secondly, we don’t just take in exemplary students in order to boost our school’s image. We care very deeply about educating children of all kinds of different backgrounds and with all kinds of learning abilities.

We understand that different students have different ways of learning, and our low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to provide individual attention to meet their education needs. In fact, many of the students that we have accepted to our school were unlikely to graduate in their previous learning environment. We pride ourselves in being able to take these students and help them improve their academic success, something that actually is reflected by our graduation rate.

Choosing Brook Road Academy

As you can see, based solely on our 100 percent graduation rate and the schools to which many of our grads get accepted, Brook Road Academy could be a great option for your child.

But it’s our approach to education that will hopefully convince you of our ability to not only provide your child with the best possible education, but to put them in a position to succeed after they graduate. It is this approach that has resulted in our ability to graduate so many of our students and to watch them achieve even greater success as many of them are accepted by the colleges of their choice.

For more information about our approach to education or to schedule a tour of our private school, contact us at Brook Road Academy today.