Brook Road Academy is a college-prep school. We expect our graduates to go on to higher education, and they do. In fact, 100% of our recent graduates went on to college or junior college.

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Who are our students?

  • 7th-12th Grade Middle and High School students who have had limited success in a typical school setting.
  • Students who need curricula structured to fit their particular learning style in order to achieve academic and social success. Our unique learning environment can be just perfect for students with ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome, among others.

But our students learn much more. Classes are small, and students and teachers alike describe the school as a family. Community is a frequently used word and students are asked to think about community before they act. Weekly, and sometimes biweekly, a meeting is held to discuss events that have occurred–both positive and negative. These meetings are run by the students, who have been empowered by the formation of the Academy Council; a club that governs and mentors the Brook Road Academy community. The Academy Council developed a list they named “Five Expectations for Success.” The list hangs throughout the school and includes the following standards:

  1. Be on time for class and productive during class
  2. Only take part in activities that contribute to the well-being of yourself and others in the community
  3. Respect every member of the community
  4. Settle disagreements verbally and respectfully
  5. Be open to new ideas and accountable for your actions

If this sounds like the type of school where your child could thrive, please contact Jeff Carretto, Head of Academy, at 804-553-3354 or email.

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